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A job at INDIFLUX is not just a job, it is the start-up of a career mode by you. We offer unique opportunities for personal and professional development, along the several benefits and a work civilization.
Our people are exposed to a huge range of globally challenging project across diverse business and technology practices. each project engagement offers unique opportunities to improve business process with the help of technology.
we also make every effort to ensure career development opportunities that help our people to trace their own career paths. A spirited, stimulating and open culture has made our people deliver their best performance at all times.

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We believe to INDIFLUX to take up responsibilities at early stage of their evolving careers. This is possible through well-defined process wherein INDIFLUX are inspired to take up leadership roles. we also regularly reward our people through attractive awards.


Empowering our people to deliver their best at all times is a continuous process at INDIFLUX. The twin objectives of career development at INDIFLUX. are:

  • To provide opportunities to INDIFLUX. to enhance their competencies and in turn achieve career objectives.
  • To ensure that career development activities are aligned with organizational objectives to achieve growth for both INDIFLUX and the organization.


  • Web Designer
  • Php Developer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Application Developer
  • Mobile application Developer